21-25 June

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The Netherlands

Plenary speakers

S. Bisgaard (Amherst, MA & Amsterdam)
Statistics as a Catalyst for Process and Product Innovation and

R. Helmig (Stuttgart)
Multiphase and Multicomponent Flow in Porous Media
in Industrial and Environmental Applications

J. Hinch (Cambridge)
On Problems in Glass Industry

J. Hunt (London)
Trade-offs between
geometrical, physical and numerical approximations in mathematical modelling
of flow processes with complex boundaries

C. Rogers (Cambridge)
One for all: the potential approach to pricing and hedging

C. Rossow (Braunschweig)
The MEGAFLOW Project :Numerical Flow Simulation of Complete Transport Aircraft

F. Ruggeri (Milano)
On the Reliability of Repairable Systems: Methods and Applications

B. Schrefler (Padova)
A multiphase model for concrete: numerical solutions and industrial applications

B. Trowbridge (Oxford)
Fields, Focussing and Aberration of charged particle beams in
Electrostatic Accelerators

M. Waterman (Los Angeles, CA)
Charting Common Ancestry in Human Chromosomes




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