21-25 June

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The Netherlands


The meeting will take place at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). It was founded some 45 years ago and is situated in the southern part of The Netherlands in the city of Eindhoven, well known as the hometown of Philips. In the past years the city of Eindhoven and its region have developed into a major centre for advanced technology. Numerous small and medium size enterprises have been established in the greater Eindhoven region in the area of electronics, materials engineering and communication technology. There are excellent connections by air, rail and road. See the travel instructions below.


Eindhoven is the fifth largest city of the Netherlands and number one in terms of technology

It is a young dynamic city with a modern appearance offering a traditional Brabant welcome. That is how Eindhoven is best summed up. Its youthful appearance betrays the fact that Eindhoven is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. It is a town that has to be discovered to truly appreciate it.

It used to inspire van Gogh, nowadays it inspires through its friendly atmosphere and excellent public transport system. Please have a look at the Eindhoven Tourist Information Office.

The Old Station at Eindhoven

The New Station at Eindhoven

Travel instructions

By car
It can be reached easily by car from the highways leading to Eindhoven (for details, see our route descriptions or consult our map with highway connections).

By train
You can reach the university quite easily by train. The university buildings are situated near the railway (and bus) station. Leaving the platform, you go down the stairs and turn to the right. You leave the building on the north side, facing the bus station. The university buildings are situated to the north-east and are about ten minutes’ walk.
Use the on-line international time table of the Dutch railways (called NS) for international train connections to Eindhoven.

By air
Eindhoven has an international airport with direct connections to several European airports (Maastricht, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Strassbourg) . For details consult the time table of Eindhoven airport.
Once you have arrived at Eindhoven Airport, you could catch a bus (limited timetable; line 401/busroute 401) to go to the central railway station (this takes about 20 minutes). You could also take a taxi to the centre of Eindhoven which will cost about  €17,-.

Of course it is also possible to arrive at Eindhoven via the airports of Maastricht or Rotterdam; from both cities there are regular train connections to Eindhoven. There are also airports not too far from Eindhoven, in Brussels and Düsseldorf, but with less convenient connections. 

Train connection from Amsterdam airport to Eindhoven
In the main building of the Amsterdam airport (Schiphol) you will find the entrance of the railway station and ticket offices. The big yellow NS (NS is the Dutch abbreviation for Dutch railways) signs indicate platform number and time tables. The Dutch railways have an on-line time table in English
(enter "Schiphol" for Amsterdam airport) which also indicates platform numbers and final destinations of trains.
From Schiphol you can
1. take the train to Amsterdam Central Station. This train runs four times per hour. At Amsterdam Central Station you head for Spoor 2b (platform 2b). From this platform trains leave for Maastricht and Heerlen via Eindhoven twice an hour.
2. take the train from Amsterdam/Schiphol to Eindhoven (main direction Utrecht/ Eindhoven / sometimes also Maastricht) via "Duivendrecht" (main direction Amersfoort, Enschede, Groningen or Lelystad). Note that Duivendrecht is a small railway station consisting of two floors. In Duivendrecht there is a direct train to Eindhoven (main direction Utrecht/ Eindhoven / sometimes also Maastricht) if you go one floor up to platform 8; you only have a few minutes to change trains
. If you miss this connection, you will have to wait for the next opportunity, in about 20 minutes.  (Note: take care of your luggage because there are a lot of pick pockets.)
It takes slightly more than one and a half hour to go to Eindhoven. A single ticket Schiphol-Eindhoven costs  € 15,60 

It is possible to buy a cheap taxi ticket together with your train ticket (€ 3,50 if bought at the NS counter, otherwise  € 4,50). This taxi ticket is only valid for special taxis called Treintaxi (train taxi) and not in all cities. In order to keep costs low, train taxi drivers are instructed to give priority to (groups of) passengers with similar travel directions; this may sometimes lead to some waiting time.



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