Style files for ECMI 2004 proceedings (max. 5 pages) 

This page contains instructions for preparing your document for the ECMI 2004 proceedings. Please read the instructions carefully. The ECMI 2004 proceedings will be produced using special latex style files from our publisher Springer. In case you need further information or would like to ask questions, please contact You may also wish to get into contact with the Springer people who devised the style files by using the email address .

The proceedings will be compiled by the editors  from the individual LaTeX files. The editors must provide a camera-ready manuscript to Springer, the publisher. Since we aim at a timely publication of the proceedings, we have a tight time schedule. The editors therefore kindly request your help by carefully reading the detailed instructions under the heading Basic things to do. The style files assume that you are using LaTeX2e. PDF files that are supplied on this page can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader (go to if this is not installed on your machine). Windows user may download files from this page by right-clicking with their mouse on underlined items.

Basic things to do

Basic LaTeX things to do

Reference information from Springer

General information on LaTeX2e

In case you need further information or would like to ask questions, do not hesitate to contact


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