21-25 June

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The Netherlands

Minisymposia, papers and posters

On each of the main topics there will be invited lectures by distinguished researchers. Besides, the conference will have minisymposia on these topics, both invited and contributed ones. Moreover there will be an opportunity to present a paper or a poster. The topics are clustered to accommodate attendees with less available time.


A minisymposium has a slot of 2 hours and will typically consist of 4 speakers. The deadline for proposals has expired and minisymposium organizers have been notified about acceptance of their minisymposium.

In the letter of acceptance the organizer is asked to inform his/her speakers and to ask them to submit an abstract of their presentation for the book of abstracts (this abstract is not reviewed anymore; the deadline for submission is May 1). The general abstract submission form can be used; in this form the abstract must be classified as 'Invited by Minisymposium organizers'.

Note that address data such as the e-mail address have to be entered in the form, so it is preferred that speakers themselves fill in the data.

Also note that submission is finished with pressing the Submit button shown in the right screenshot below upon which you should receive a notification by e-mail.

followed by

Contributed papers

A contributed oral paper will have 20 minutes.


There will be a poster sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.

Registration to participate in the conference has to be done separately.



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